IV Vitamin Therapy

During the IV Vitamin Drip Training Course you will learn how to offer a great new treatment plan and earn while helping your clients improve their well-being with some of the amazing vitamin drip cocktails The IV Vitamin Drip Training Course teaches a wide range of ready-made intravenous Replenishment Cocktails to alleviate all complaints from […]

Biotin Training Course

Instant access Private & secure login Practical video demonstrations Certified online assessment A comprehensive course that will guide you through the online learning theory and presentation on Vitamin H, more commonly known as Biotin. This course is one of a range of vitamin focused online courses that we offer. Biotin also known as Vitamin H, […]

Vitamin B12, C, D & Biotin Injection Combo Course 4in1

With a growing aesthetic industry always looking to bring the next best thing to our clients. Vitamins are a popular choice for any busy clinic. These treatments are cost effective with great profit margins. Quick to administer and create a wealth of returning clients. Vitamin injections are available in wide range to meet a huge […]


Course Description If you want to perform venepuncture to a high standard and understand the reasons for best practice and perfecting your technique, you have chosen the right course. It is widely perceived that phlebotomy is a practical job and many people underestimate the importance of embedding a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology along […]