This is an add-on module for anyone who has already completed The Studio’s Advanced Skin Booster Course

Hay fever (Kenalog®) Injections

About the course The Kenalog Injection course allows you to gain an accredited and insurable qualification in administering Kenalog Injections. Many people suffer from Hay Fever; most can manage it with over the counter medication. However, for many, seasonal Hay Fever can be deliberating and affect day to day life. Charge up to £100 per […]

IV Vitamin Therapy

During the IV Vitamin Drip Training Course you will learn how to offer a great new treatment plan and earn while helping your clients improve their well-being with some of the amazing vitamin drip cocktails The IV Vitamin Drip Training Course teaches a wide range of ready-made intravenous Replenishment Cocktails to alleviate all complaints from […]

LED Light Therapy Course

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