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Our comprehensive chemical skin peel training course will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to immediately integrate these new techniques into your practice. Used in conjunction with the deep exfoliating action of a medical microdermabrasion these treatments can provide excellent results for your clients.

  • Research shows that safe, medical strength chemical peeling with no downtime is a rapidly growing trend outlining a shift in the role of chemical peels in facial rejuvenation.

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the condition and the texture of the skin by removing the outer epidermal layers in order to rejuvenate and refresh the complexion.


  • Classification of peel
  • Soft & Superficial Peels:

    • Enzymes (Papain, pumpkin, pineapple)
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid agents (lactic, glycolic, malic, tartic, citric, mandelic)
    • Beta Hydroxy Acid agents (salicylic)
    • Azelaic acid (15%) – lightening
    • Flower Acid – hibiscus chalices
    • Jessners – salicylic, lactic, resorcinol at 14%
    • Acetic Acid – red wine vinegar, antioxidant
    • Retinol – retinoic acid

    Light-Moderate Skin Peels

    Medium to Deep peels:

    • Medical TCA – Trichloracetic Acid – penetrates into dermis
    • Phenol Acid

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